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Masterclass Topics

  • 35 Lectures (7+ hours in total)
  • All about the Digital FPV system
  • Different Drone Types (Cinewoop - Cinelifters X8)
  • FPV Simulators
  • Technical Components (FC, ESC, Motors, GPS, Props, Batteries)
  • Long Range Setup & Tips
  • Different Stabilization Softwares (RSGo, Gyroflow, SteadXP)
  • Betaflight Configuration (Setup, OSD, etc.)
  • Advanced Tuning (Filters & PIDs)
  • Controllers
  • Editing Tips & Sound Effects
  • My secrets behind Instagram Reels
  • Colour Grading
  • My Signature Drone (BOB57)
  • 15% exclusive discount on BOB57 and my Signature Luts!

About Ellis van Jason

"I show you everything you need to know from buying your first FPV drone to the final editing of your amazing FPV shots"