Cinematic FPV Academy



Cinematic FPV Academy 2.0 launching soon!

Students who are enrolled to the current academy,
will get a big discount for the new masterclass

What does the Masterclass cover?

  • All about the Digital FPV system
  • Freestyle drone vs Cinewoop (what to consider)
  • Long range setups & how to fly
  • Technical Components deep dive
  • What Antenna gives you max Range
  • Camera options (e.g. Naket GoPro)
  • Configuration in Betaflight (My PIDs & Rates)
  • GPS configuration
  • Stabilizing the footage
  • Different Frames for Cinematic smooth flying
  • ESC & FC¬†comparison
  • Different Prop types (freestyle vs long range)
  • Best Motors for Cinematic Long-Range flights
  • Best Controllers for Range & Travel
  • Colour Grading methods¬†
  • Sound Effects for more depth
  • Repair & Trouble Shooting

Use Technology to create Emotions!


A message from the teacher

"With lots of in-field experience in cinematic FPV drone piloting and after successfuly working on numerous projects with clients from all over the world, I'm taking a next step to pass my gained knowledge on to everyone sharing the same passion."


Is this Masterclass for YOU?

  • Ready for more cinematic long-range flights?
  • Are you losing signal all the time?
  • Do you want to to get more flight time?
  • Do you need help finding the ideal technical parts?
  • Do you want to get the best out of your camera?
  • Do you want to use sound effects like a pro?